Auditing Overview

NOSA’s products and services have been pivotal at improving the risk management performance of companies across the globe and have proven to be the most effective systems at reducing workplace incidents. The 62 years of success is due to the company’s highly flexible approach, providing services and support products that are tailor-made according to the clients’ specific needs and risk profile. NOSA offers a holistic range of certification services, from basic legal compliance audits to integrated safety, health and environmental management system audits.

A baseline audit is used as a basis to identify deviations between the client’s management system and that of NOSA’s. The baseline audit serves as a consultation exercise and whilst the client will receive a detailed site report, no star grading will be allocated. The audit focuses largely on SHE risks, whereas emphasis placed on effort scores is covered in the Star Grading audit.

The Star Grading audit is conducted to determine the status of a client’s risk management system and compliance with the applicable NOSA protocol. The audit is conducted annually or more frequently, if requested by the client. The result of the audit is displayed as a NOSA Star Grading. The NOSA audit team provides an independent audit outcome to clients in the quest to uphold the best principles of risk management in everyday business operations. The NOSA audit process should be viewed from a risk driven perspective. Measurement and evaluation of standards should be measured in accordance with process/site specific risks rather than fixed and/or invariable criteria. The audit should identify a company’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement in the day-to- day management of their safety health and environmental risks.

The grading of your company’s system, form the basis of our internationally acclaimed NOSA Integrated Five Star System. Clients are awarded between one and five stars as a symbol of occupational risk management excellence. The NOSA audit team identifies non-conformances and offers solutions through consultancy and training products. From drawing up safe work procedures to monitoring environmental pollution, from assessing due diligence to eliminating occupational hazards, NOSA’s team of experts helps negotiate and manage the challenges of modern business. The NOSA Integrated Five Star System is a framework for action and compliance that can be put into place anywhere in the world, any industry type, any company of any size or structure. The system is driven by risk, thus, minimum requirements can be tailored to the specific hazards of your specific industry, and your corporate and national requirements.

What we offer:

  • Baseline and gap audits
  • Star grading audits
  • NOSA Five Star System (H&S)
  • NOSA Integrated Five Star System (EHS)
  • Multiple industry standards including mining, forestry, rail, healthcare and gas
  • Contractor compliance audits
  • Client audit protocol – corporate standards audit
  • Fatal risk control protocols

Benefits of NOSA Auditing

  • Proven track record of reducing a company’s disabling incident frequency rate “DIFR”
  • Very well understood at shop floor level
  • Benchmarking capabilities across multiple sites and countries
  • One-Stop service provider
  • Comprehensive list of training courses
  • Cradle to grave solution
  • Enables all categories of staff to participate
  • Compatible with existing organisational management systems and standards such as ISO
  • 9001, OHSAS 18000 and ISO 14001 and legislative requirements
  • International experience, operating in many different markets and industries
  • International expertise and experienced team of consultants

Measuring of Audit Outcomes

The measuring of the successful implementation of the NOSA Five Star System Standard is determined by the grading audit, which focuses on the programme status and the disabling incident frequency rate (DIFR) of the company. NOSA awards a star rating based on the following criteria:

 EFFORT %         



 > 95

 < 0.8

 NOSCAR Status

 > 91

 < 1

 5 Star: Excellent

 > 75

 < 2

 4 Star: Very good

 > 61

 < 3

 3 Star: Good

 > 51

 < 4

 2 Star: Average

 > 40

 < 5

 1 Star: Fair


DIFR = Number of disabling incidents x 200 000
                      Total man‐hours worked

Disabling injuries: Included are lost workday and restricted workday cases. Occupational diseases are included on the day of diagnosis.