Contractor Audits

A contractor can, unfortunately, also add risk to a company’s operations. NOSA has designed Contractor Compliance System Standard Audit Guidelines that are based on the risk of the contractor in relation to the activities performed on the premises of the principal company. A certificate of compliance is issued after a site‐specific audit in three categories: Red, Silver and Gold.

For the high‐risk contractors NOSA provides the well‐known NOSA Five Star System Standard Audit Guidelines (incorporating safety and health) that gives site‐specific recognition from one to five green stars. Contractors with significant environmental impacts or impacts that could influence the environmental impact of the principal should be evaluated on the NOSA Integrated Five Star System Standard Audit Guidelines (incorporating safety, health and environmental risk management) one five platinum stars. In some companies, the contractors outnumber the employees. The impact of contractors on the operational activities of the business could vary from positive to extremely negative. Therefore, contractors should be classified or categorised according to the risk associated with the activities the contractor performs.

NOSA audits on the following NOSA System Standard Audit Guidelines:

  • Industry
  • Mining
  • Forestry

Auditing becomes vital when dealing with high‐risk contractors. Standards or performance criteria required for the contractors need to be set for occupational health, safety and environment. Some contractors will require criteria only for health, while others will require performance criteria for safety health and environment. It is clear that the performance criteria for contractors should be based on the perceived risk of the contractor’s activities to the company and its employees as well as risk to the employees of the contractor.

Principal companies are encouraged to prescribe, to the contractor, SH&E performance criteria in relation to the risk profile and the influence of the risk on their operation. The minimum for all contractors should be Gold Status within three years.

Benefits of the Contractor Compliance System

  • Industry‐specific, addressing specific risks (industry, mining, forestry)
  • Unique recognition system
  • Principal companies assured of SH&E standards
  • Reduced incidents, claims, costs
  • Increased morale and productivity
  • Reflects good corporate reputation