Social Accountability and Ethical Trade Auditing

NOSA has the capability to support your organisation with the management of supply chain risks through an intergrated auditing solution, encompassing occupational health and safety, environmental risk management and social accountability. This solution ensures your suppliers’ conformance to legislative requirements, International Labour Organisation Core Conventions, International Codes of Conduct, HSE practices and client specific supply chain standards.

In addition, NOSA’s wide-range of products and services can assist with the development of suppliers in order to improve HSE and social accountability performance and standards, allowing our clients to evolve their supply chain to levels of parity with international best practice. The supporting services include training and workshops, HSE system kits, and consulting and software solutions.

Sedex – The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange is dedicated to working with buyers and suppliers around the world to deliver improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains. Sedex’s mission is to drive collaboration, increase transparency, and build the capacity that is needed to raise standards across all tiers of the supply chain, thus enabling continuous improvement in ethical and social performance.

Sedex offers the world’s largest collaborative platform for managing and sharing ethical supply chain data, along with leading-edge services, which multi-national companies use to understand, monitor and manage supply chain risks and improve standards.

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How will you benefit?

  • Provide an integrated outsourced vetting system for suppliers to be accredited
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive response to delivering on a company’s legal obligations
  • Eliminate the vetting process required to review suppliers’ health and safety competency, and compliance with supply chain policies and procedures
  • Streamline the process of managing a large supplier base and provide a bespoke solution to meet your individual company, site, or project compliance needs
  • Improve the efficacy of supplier vetting and reduce the pre-qualification timelines by conducting off site document reviews using industry experts
  • Create a database of pre-qualified accredited suppliers for your organisation
  • Deliver management reports on supplier compliance and improvement scores
  • Provide a vetting system in multiple languages for a geographically diverse supply chain
  • Manage suppler non-compliance and set disqualification criteria for high risk areas and scope of work

How will your supplier benefit?

  • Reduce and manage risk within the supplier’s company and improve risk management performance in the areas of health, safety, environment and quality
  • Create awareness of industry best practices and ensure a safer and socially more responsible workplace for supplier employees
  • Independent vetting and accreditation of suppliers annually, thus ensuring supply chain compliance in a cost effective and professional manner
  • An efficient, confidential software based compliance process, ensuring real time vendor processing
  • Professional support throughout the compliance process and access to a wide array of products and services from industry experts in order to improve company performance in the areas of health, safety, environment, quality and social responsibility
  • A single, user friendly and easy to understand process that incorporates the numerous SHEQ and supply chain assessments and audits
  • By joining SVS and obtaining the necessary accreditation, demonstrates health and safety competency to current and potential clients, and broadens access to a greater client base as more organisations join the system
  • Pre-qualification for tenders and contracts for companies where accreditation is current