NOSA Passport 360

The Smartest Way to Manage Contractor HSE


Passport 360 is an innovative web-based system providing an efficient solution to HSE Contractor Management. The Passport monitors and records vital information for HSE Legal Compliance.

The Individual Record for Life stores safety training history, medical fitness certificates and competencies per position of workers in the mining and construction sectors, as well as various other industries. This information is available to you at the click of a button, anywhere in real time.


• Improved compliance management

• Improved performance management

• Communication to individual service providers as well as service provider community

• Advanced and in-depth customised reports allowing focus on problem areas

• Centralization of information

• Tracking and monitoring in real-time

• System alerts via SMS, Push, Social Media and Email

• Analyze trends

• Time and cost reduction

• Holistic approach improves visibility


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