CloudWare client did not install !3010

CloudWare client does not want to install. You will note that it results in a 1011 error and the installation stops. The reason for the error it is blocked by ESET anti-virus. Thus far this is the only ant-virus that is causing the problem. If you right click on the system tray icon you can disable ESET and try the installation again. If this does not work please uninstall ESET, install CloudWare and re-install your ESET ant-virus.

Process to disable ESET:

At the bottom right hand of your screen look for the arrow to show hidden system tray icons and click on it:



Now look for the ESET icon in the tray normally a green “E”:



Right click on this Icon and then click “Temporarily disable protection”:



Click the dropdown to adjust the period of disablement, and choose “Until next restart” and click OK.



Failed to connect to “hostname/host address” on port #491

There could be several reasons for the error but it is likely that your ISP, Proxy or Firewall blocks communication on ports 491. This is a simple rule that needs to be added by your ISP/IT department to allow for communication on port 491.



Failed to connect to “hostname/host address” on port #491

The same error can also be a result of no internet connection. Please ensure that you are connected to the Internet and should you have problems with your connection please inform your IT department or Internet Service Provider.


Never received a Welcome email

Possibility of incorrect/other employees email address used when completing online registration form. Please check the email inbox of the email address used to register. If it was not received please submit a query in order for us to check if your email address is correct.