Driver and Warehousing Risk Management

NOSA Logistics, in partnership with NOSA, are the leading specialists in driver and warehousing risk management training solutions.

The following five focus areas are offered:

1. Driver Risk and Safety Management Training

By engaging in the following programmes, drivers will gain both practical and theoretical skills, which will minimise risk and maximise performance:

  • Defensive driving and vehicle operations:

o   Improving skills and attitude

o   Preparing to take evasive action

o   Improving their own risk profiles

o   Decreasing tyre and maintenance costs

o   Improving fuel efficiencies

o   Meeting mandatory driving requirements

o   On road assessments

  • Conveying hazardous goods by road:

o   Meeting mandatory driving requirements for drivers conveying dangerous goods as per Road Traffic Act legislation


2. Operator Risk and Safety Management Training

We offer the following novice and refresher training and licensing in machinery operations (as per the OHS Act, Driven Machinery Regulations National Code of Practice):

  • Lift trucks

  • Defined purpose lift trucks

  • Advanced defined purpose lift trucks

  • Mobile cranes

  • Truck mounted cranes

  • Telescopic boom handlers

3. Warehousing and Logistics Risk and Safety Management Training

We offer various programmes that will allow the learner to gain both practical and theoretical skills to minimise risk and maximise productivity within a warehousing environment. The areas of focus include:

  • improving warehousing efficiencies

  • correcting receiving and dispatching of goods/cargo

  • packing, racking and stacking according to legislative requirements

  • stock control

  • effectively handling and storing dangerous goods.

4. Learnerships

Through a combination of workplace and classroom training the following nationally-recognised qualifications can be obtained:

  • General Education and Training Certificate – Warehousing and Transport: NQF 1

  • National Certificate in Freight Handling: NQF 3

  • National Certificate in Professional Driving: NQF 3

  • National Certificate in Road Transport: NQF 3

5. Driver Academy and Placements

The Driver Academy provides a complete professional driver solution for businesses wanting to evaluate and enhance the performance of current drivers, or seeking a convenient and assured way to employ new drivers with the necessary screening, competency assessments and advanced skills training. Our comprehensive programme focuses on three key areas:

  • Compliance, screening and general assessments conducted by a team of medical, educational and recruitment professionals

  • Theoretical and practical instruction in advanced driver training competencies

  • A database of high-quality drivers who have completed the intensive four-week programme and are available for job placement

Assessment, screening and training programme modules are available as individual service options, or as a complete programme.

For more information contact: Chantal Gray on 083 709 1014 or