Mining Services


Occupational health and safety management is a key challenges facing mining companies and is made even more challenging for those mining groups operating in developing markets. NOSA, through its extensive product range and proven track record of reducing injuries and fatalities, is best positioned to support mining groups in dealing with this challenge. NOSA has made a significant investment over the past 2 years into its mining products and the company’s specific service offering to the industry includes:

NOSA Consulting Services

  • Fire risk assessments
  • Baseline H&S risk assessments
  • Gap assessments on H&S systems and processes
  • H&S system development and implementation
  • H&S signage surveys
  • Development of H&S targets and objectives
  • Due diligence audits and assessments
  • Behaviour based safety solutions

NOSA Auditing Services

NOSA is able to conduct independent third party audits on a range of audit protocols, including Legal Compliance, Fatal Risk Standards, ISO / OHSAS Certification and the NOSA Five Star System. The audit protocol used typically depends on the client’s requirements and risk profile of the operations.

NOSA Training

NOSA’s training programmes provide the necessary knowledge and skills to identify and manage risks within the mining industry. NOSA offers a wide range of training courses that have been developed for the mining industry and include practical examples from the industry. Please click on the link below to view all the mining courses.

NOSA Contractor Management

NOSA’s Contractor Management System is a third party, independent accreditation programme that assesses contractors and their conformance to the mine’s health and safety requirements.

NOSA Software Solutions

NOSA has a range of software solutions that assist in managing the day to day health and safety activities on the mine. These include incident management and reporting systems, along with a fully integrated H&S software programme, namely MIRACLES

NOSA Innovation Division

The Innovation Division is able to provide bespoke solutions to a mine, including customised induction and legal liability training, along with training courses on fatigue management, psychosocial wellness and managing H&S in a mechanized mine.

NOSA Licensee Scheme

NOSA is able to license a mine employee to provide training using NOSA’s training material. The Licensee programme has a number of benefits, including various cost savings. In addition, the employees gain access to NOSA’s latest training courses, which have been developed by various mining industry experts.

NOSA Working at Heights

NOSA is an accredited height safety training provider with constituent assessors and moderators. NOSA install safety systems ranging from permanent lifelines to certified anchor points, the development of fall protection plans and the provision of height safety equipment.