Research and Development

NOSA Research and Development (R&D) Department is committed to delivering a world class research and development service supported by turnkey (conceptualisation-to commercialisation) innovation solutions across the whole HSE spectrum. The NOSA R&D Department delivers both an internal and externally focussed service supported by a team of highly qualified specialists in the areas of market research, product innovation, graphic design, multimedia and e-learning, editorial and language editing, translation services, learning and instructional design as well as the legal and regulatory HSE environment.

Who we are

We have qualified, specialist staff who hold PhDs, master’s, and honours degrees, with years of experience across all business sectors.

What we offer

  • Ongoing monitoring and identification of trends and developments that will shape the dynamics of your industry
  • Development of an innovation strategy to support the ongoing conceptualisation, design, development and application of new products and services
  • Continual improvement of existing products and services
  • Project management services to support the development of new projects and services
  • Access to industry-based benchmarking reports or bespoke market research reports   

What you have access to

  • A team of graphic designers (desktop publishing, cover designs, illustrations, layout of presentations, and user interface designs)
  • A team of editors (language and copy editing, confirmation of referencing, type-setting, and blogging support)
  • A multimedia specialist (gamification, e-learning content development, game-based and blended learning support, and application development)   
  • Legal specialists (compliance monitoring, validation of the accuracy of legislation, legal guidance, and intellectual property support)
  • Market researchers (monitoring industry trends and developments, current awareness services, industry briefs, and development of research reports)
  • Cutting-edge business innovators (innovation strategy development, open innovation process management, development of collaborating partnerships, and product and service development)
  • Experienced subject matter experts (content development, content reviews, and guidance on industry matters)    
  • Educational specialists (learning design, accreditation support, and design and development of assessments)
" Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. "
~ Steve Jobs
" Innovation doesn’t come from just giving people incentives; it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect. "
~ Steven Johnson,
How We Got to Now: Six Innovations That Made the Modern World