Ensuring that you are legally complaint as a small or medium business is often difficult given the wide range of legal requirements and obligations. In terms of occupational health and safety, NOSA has products and services specifically developed for small businesses to assist them in complying with the OHS Act. These products and services have a proven track record of reducing injuries and fatalities in the workplace, along with ensuring that companies are more environmentally friendly. The benefits of using NOSA as a partner in your business, far outweigh the potential costs of failing to adopt health and safety standards.

Products and services include:

  • Posters – including BCEA, EE and OHS Act posters
  • Equipment Inspection Registers
  • Incident Investigation Documents and Systems
  • Risk Assessment Templates
  • System’s Kits
  • Constructions Kits
  • OHS Acts and MHS Acts
  • First Aid boxes
  • First Aid and Firefighting training